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03 Jul

Better known with stage name Bruno Mars, he wrote many hit singles for other artists before laying vocals for his own track.As the song continues to grow and climb up every chart possible (keep in mind it only dropped two days ago), Bruno Mars is feeding his fans with the story of how it all came together.Taking to Instagram, Bruno shared a seemingly-spontaneous selfie with Cardi B, both artists rocking sunglasses and tongues-out, with a caption that explained how they met in the first place.As the Cardi B hot streak continues, she's jumped into the pop world to play counterpart to mega-pop star Bruno Mars.The two teamed up for a "Finesse" remix, and for those of you not up on Bruno Mars musical output, the song that was first released in 2016 on Mars' -esque music video that should take you right back to the '90s.

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He went on to thank the rapper for her presence on the record and her attitude in general.

Bruno writes,"I met cardi B at 3 am after my show in LA backstage where we recorded her verse for Finesse. Thank you for putting your energy and love all over this record and video.

Behind that fact, it turns out that there are some things that some people think will make their relationship getting better or worse. That is because her happy expression when waiting Bruno Mars to say the name changed in an instant into the disappointed one because the name that he mentioned is not Jessica’s name.

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