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19 Mar

And then when he got into Tibetan Buddhism, that was it. Every time you walk by KFC, every time you walk by Mc Donald’s, you walk by one of the hawker stands, satay stands…(sniffs loudly) “I’m vegetarian.” Just think of Kandarohi with no beef for one day. Can you imagine her pulling down her pants that don’t fit, with her blue underwear on, and mooning them? It isn’t sweet words to just get a good deal on a house or a product for bargaining at pasar malam.

Just like Mahatma Gandhi, who used his body for others non-stop by his fasts that freed so many people, and inspired millions around the world. Like Nelson Mandela, like the great ex-Prime Minister Mahathir, who had to maintain his body, who had to wear suits, who had to look good, who had to be healthy, to run the country and make the country so great. I mean he could have used his body playing golf all day long, non-stop but using your body to benefit others…sitting in an office wearing nice clothes, that’s using our body for others. So how happy we are to do that and enthusiastically shows the level of our mind and how altruistic we really are. The more we want to get methods to help others, the more altruistic we are. So making our bodies easily available for others, and very happy to do so shows a level of altruism. Everything else you can share, your body you can’t, you only have one body. I mean who will be ridiculous enough to paint up, and redecorate and refurbish the hotel room that you rent for overnight?

Sitting here when we could be somewhere else is using our body for others. You know, you go in there redecorate, furnish and paint it up, and “see you later tomorrow”…who’s ridiculous! How ever you feed it and take care of it, it still gets fat, it still gets sick.

Me, me, me – one whole day, none of self-cherishing mind, of putting yourself a priority.

Any case, imagine one day of not having any negative motivations.

And no matter how wonderful oils and whatever you put on your hair, you still lose hair. Like African people, they have this beautiful curly hair. Buddha’s hair is like that except when he grows out he doesn’t have an afro, so he doesn’t look like Lenny Kravitz. And some Buddha statues they even put earrings on him. He doesn’t wear any earrings, he’s not a drag queen and he is not a layperson. So when you see Buddha Shakyamuni with earrings, no, no.And I don’t care, you can drink moisturizer, and your skin will still get wrinkled. And then on top of that, it makes you create pleasure for it. So when you use your body to benefit others, you hold ethics, and morals and you use your body for others, in the highest form teaching the Dharma, and using your body as an example of the Dharma, you inspire others to come out of delusions and unhappiness. The limbs are very soft and very gentle, neither masculine nor feminine. It has an ushnisha, meaning a crown protrusion here. They actually draw the Buddha with hair and wrap it up in a bun. Lenny Kravitz hair is fabulous but the Buddha doesn’t have that. And then he has an urn…and this is a protrusion, representing another state. So when you see a Buddha statue with the hair tied up, no, no, no. You ask them to leave the jewelry home then I put you on the altar.

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