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21 Mar

In 1934, he played jazz piano with a school group called "The Mixers" and later with other groups.For a while, Liberace adopted the stage name "Walter Busterkeys".He also showed an interest in draftsmanship, design, and painting, and became a fastidious dresser and follower of fashion.He changed from a classical pianist to an entertainer and showman, unpredictably and whimsically mixing the serious with light fare, e.g., Chopin with "Home on the Range".For a while, he played piano along with a phonograph on stage. He also added interaction with the audience—taking requests, talking with the patrons, making jokes, giving lessons to chosen audience members.

He also began to pay greater attention to such details as staging, lighting, and presentation.The transformation to entertainer was driven by Liberace's desire to connect directly with his audiences, and secondarily from the reality of the difficult competition in the classical piano world.He studied the technique of the Polish pianist Ignacy Paderewski.At age eight, he met Paderewski backstage after a concert at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee.In 1944, he made his first appearances in Las Vegas, which later became his principal venue.He was playing at the best clubs, finally appearing at the Persian Room in 1945, with Variety proclaiming, "Liberace looks like a cross between Cary Grant and Robert Alda.Besides clubs and occasional work as an accompanist and rehearsal pianist, Liberace played for private parties, including those at the Park Avenue home of millionaire oilman J. By 1947, he was billing himself as "Liberace—the most amazing piano virtuoso of the present day".

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