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" Not wanting the advice, Natalie snapped back, "Be motivational. " Finally, when the champion used a small pencil case as a paddle, Natalie finally scored a point and cheered wildly at her success.Chippendales Jaymes & James, best friends Caitlin & Brittany, rock star and lawyer James & Abba, on and off dating Amy & Daniel, dating divorcees Abbie & Ryan and twins Natalie & Nadiya claimed the first six spots on the China Airlines, leaving only one place left.Running off the shuttle and entering the terminal together, married monster truckers Rob & Kelley and goat farmers Josh & Brent raced to the China Airlines counter. We messed up." Josh & Brent joined dating couple Trey & Lexi, substitute teachers Gary & Will, and lumberjack and marketing exec Rob & Sheila on the EVA Air flight scheduled to land 1 hour and 15 minutes later than the China Airlines flight.Street View is the best available vantage point looking, if possible, towards the location of the building.In some locations, Street View may not give a view of the actual building, or may not be available at all.

Just when it appeared that the goat farmers had the married monster truckers beat, Josh allowed Kelley to sneak in front of him under a rope giving her and husband Rob the last tickets on the earlier flight. GETTING PADDLED Landing in Shanghai, China, the seven teams aboard the China Airlines flight traveled by taxi to the Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium to find a Roadblock.

In it, one team member had to play table tennis against a Chinese junior champion and successfully score one point off of the formidable opponent or wait until their next turn as she went from table to table using household items in place of her paddle.

Walking into the restaurant, Abba sat down at a table and groaned as he lifted the lid off a papaya bowl to reveal the small, white gooey tubes he described as "overcooked macaroni." Almost immediately, Abba realized that using chopsticks wouldn't be helpful because of the hasma's viscous, jelly consistency so, since he couldn't use his hands to lift the bowl and drink it down, he leaned over into it and began to slurp up the dessert.

Just as Ryan, Amy, and Brittany sat down to eat their servings of hasma, Abba cleaned up both of his bowls and ripped open the next clue with rock star James sending them to The Bund to find the woman using an abacus.